Vuono Knitted Wool Beanie

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The Vuono Knitted Wool Beanie is a wonderfully warm and chunky accessory for a child. The hand-knitted beanie in Finland is made of fluffy merino wool, which only gets better and softer with use. The knit for a child’s beanie is a chunky brioche stitch and big pompom top of beanie makes its so cute. The high-quality merino wool of a hand-knitted beanie only improves in use and retains its heat even when wet. 

The merino wool yarn of the Vuono Knitted Wool Beanie is made on a small spinning mill in Germany. The yarn of the beanie is 100% mulesing-free merino wool. The hand-knitted beanie stays good for as long as possible and also lasts for the next child.

Do you want to make this chunky Vuono beanie yourself? Now it is possible! Buy the merino wool from here. Style Vuono beanie with Elona knitted collar, you can find it here.


Delivery starts September 20/9 

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