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The Verso Knitted Merino Romper jumper is knitted by hand from 100% merino wool. The simple knitted overall has an airy lace pattern that brings lightness to the garment. The minimalist surface pattern of the wool overalls consists of a waist bottom knit.  

The Verso Knitted Merino Romper overalls are designed for a busy baby's everyday life, where the knit is needed for ease of use. The bottom of the knitted body has buttons that make changing the diaper quick. The buttoned suspenders of a knitted overall can be styled in two ways: straight or retro-twisted crossed.

The Verso Knitted Merino Romper jumper overall is a high-quality, untreated merino wool that comes from a small German spinning mill. Mulesing-free yarn is dyed by a skilled small business owner in Sweden with natural, vinegar-fixed mineral dyes. This reduces the chemical load on the baby's skin. The body is knitted in Finland, which means that the entire clothing production process is within Europe.

Do you want to do it yourself? Buy hand-dyed merino yarns used in the body from this link.

The color of the product in the picture is Vanilla.


3-6 m
6-12 m
1-2 y

Handwash / gently wool program max 30 degree with wool soap, let it dry flat.

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