Uurre Knitted Wool Beanie Junior

Silmu knitting

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The Uurre Knitted Wool Beanie hat is a wonderfully soft accessory for a child. The hand-knitted beanie in Finland is made of fluffy alpaca wool, which only gets better with use. The knit for a child’s beanie is a thick combination of patent and elastic knit that makes the beanie timeless. The high-quality wool yarn of a hand-knitted beanie only improves in use and retains its heat even when wet.

The alpaca yarn of the Uurre Knitted Wool Beanie is made on a small family-owned farm in Italy. The yarn of the beanie is 68% alpaca and 10% mulesing-free merino wool reinforced with 22% polyamide. The polyamide ensures that the hand-knitted beanie stays good for as long as possible and also lasts for the next child.

Do you want to make Uurre beanie yourself? Now it is possible! Buy the Uurre DIY Kit, which includes both instruction and threads.


1-3 y
In the pictures Beanies is used with 1,5 y and 3,5 years old toddlers.


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