Uurre Knitted Beanie DIY Kit

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Make yourself a trendy Beanie! The Uurre Knitted Beanie DIY Kit includes easy-to-read instructions for a child's beanie and a wonderfully soft Alpaca, merino wool yarn for making it. The self-made beanie also warms in cold weather, as it is a combination of elastic knit and thick patent knit. A child's beanie is quick to make - even for a beginner.

The Groove Knitted Beanie DIY Kit is clear and easy to read. In addition to the written instructions, the DIY Kit includes high-quality instructional videos that cover the making of the beanie from the time the loops are created. The knitting guide also teaches a useful magic loop method that you can use in other knitting jobs as well.

The beanie instruction includes two sizes, for an adult or a child. Beanie is suitable both for a beginner’s first project and as a quick snack for an experienced knitter. Start knitting right away with the DIY Kit!

If you prefer ready-made Uurre beanie, you can buy one here. The hand-knitted beanie is a stylish choice for fall and winter.

DIYkit includes

A video instructions
Darn needle
Stitch markers
(8 mm/40cm needles)



1-3 y

Pattern only finnish for now and shipping only to Finland.

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