Utu Knitted Wool Scarf

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Utu Knitted Wool Scarf is a stylish tube scarf for a child. The hand-knitted scarf stays on the go thanks to its tube-like shape, and the high-quality Alpaca wool ensures that the scarf warms up even when wet. The soft tube scarf is non-itchy and non-abrasive against a child's sensitive skin.

Utu Knitted Wool Scarf is hand-knitted from alpaca yarn obtained from a small family-owned farm in Italy. The nuanced, down-to-earth color range of the knitted tube scarf fits many styles. If you wish, you can combine the Utu Knitted Wool Scarf with Kinos and Huura bonnets or Uurre beanie, so that the whole is uniform. The minimalist knit pattern of the scarf is formed by twisting knitted loops.

The Utu Knitted Wool Scarf tube scarf contains 68% alpaca wool, 10% mulesing-free merino wool and 22% polyamide. The reinforcing fiber of the knitted scarf ensures that the scarf lasts in use and stays good for a long time.




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