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This is our most popular product! Taimi Knitted Wool Bonnet is a delightfully warm and sedentary bonnet for baby and even larger toddlers up to 3 years of age. Knitted by earthy, 100% Finnish wool yarn, bonnet brings warmth to cold weather in style. The fun antenna design makes the baby bonnet a cute retro creation that is comfortable to use after all. The subtle texture of Bonnet is formed by twisting knitted loops.

Taimi Knitted Wool Bonnet is hand-knitted from Finnish, medium-thick wool yarn in a lovely beige shade. Bonnet's wool yarn has the Avainlippu symbol as an indication of Finnish origin. The beautifully fluffy yarn, which only gets better with use, makes the bonnet soft and non-itchy. Even when wet, natural wool retains its warmth, making bonnet suitable for active plays.

The baby bonnet is knitted by hand in Vantaa Finland. Do you want to make Taimi-Bonnet yourself? Buy Bonnet's knitting instructions here or order yarns in the form of Taimi DIY Kit at a time.


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