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Selja Knitted Merino Mittens mittens are traditional, warm mittens for the cool weather of autumn, winter and spring. Gloves Hand-dyed merino wool is soft and adaptable, allowing the mittens to shape according to the child's hand with use. You can choose the shades and thumbnail that suit your child's mittens from the drop-down menu.

Selja Knitted Merino Mittens are knitted by hand in Finland. Mulesing-free merino wool yarn for mittens is obtained from a small spinning mill in Germany, where it is not processed at all. Untreated yarn retains its good properties, so the child's mittens always feel soft and improve in use. Merino yarn is dyed in the skilled hands of a small entrepreneur in Sweden with natural mineral dyes that are attached with vinegar. The most natural possible production process reduces the chemical load and saves the environment. Knitted mittens are made from yarn to the final product in Europe.

Do you want to do it yourself? Buy hand-dyed merino yarn used in your child's mittens from this link.


Thumbless/nb-6 m
6-12 m
1-2 y
3-4 y

Handwash with wool soap, let it dry flat. 

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