Niitty Knitted Lace Merino Bonnet

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The beautifully textured Niitty Knitted Lace Merino Bonnet takes your thoughts to warm summer evenings. The baby bonnet is made of soft and light merino yarn, which is also suitable for use in warm weather. The delicate lace pattern brings airiness to the hand-knitted bonnet and the smooth-feeling merino yarn doesn’t sweat sensitive skin. 

The Knitted Lace Bonnet is made from unprocessed, mulesing-free merino wool obtained from a small spinning mill in Germany. Bonnet's yarn is dyed by a skilled small business owner in Sweden and is dyed with natural mineral dyes and vinegar. The baby bonnet thus reduces the chemical load on the skin and the organic production method makes the bonnet soft, durable and retains the good properties of wool.

The lace-patterned baby bonnet is knitted by hand in Finland. The entire production of Bonnet from yarn to the final product takes place within Europe. Bonnet sizes are available from newborn to 3 years old.

Do you want to do it yourself? Buy the hand-dyed merino yarn used in the bonnet from this link.

The color of the product in the picture is Vanilla.


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