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The Knitted Scrunchie is an easy way to tint your hairstyle. A simple but eye-catching knitted hair donut is suitable for both braid hairstyles and ponytails. The madman combines two scrunchies of different colors in the same hairstyle!

The knitted scrunchie is available in several different colors and two luxurious materials. For hand-knitted hair donuts, choose either a matte and fluffy alpaca yarn or a shiny mohair silk blend. The natural material is soft against the hair, and saving them from wear and tear. The small scrunchie is suitable for thin hair or a child and the large hair donut holds medium-thick hair firmly.

Try knitted hair donuts around a neat bun, for example, wrap your hair in a loop or lift all the hair top of your head with scrunchie. The hand-knitted scrunchie also looks great on a ponytail tied down to the neck - simple but functional!

Do you want to knit a hair donut yourself? Buy Hand-dyed, mulesing-free merino yarn from this link.

Scrunchies come in two sizes and two different yarns.
Smaller scrunchie fits for children too.
In the pictures you can find named colours and materials.

Scrunchies’ yarn is shiny and it’s made of 70 % super kid mohair and 30 % silk. 

Yarn is produced in Italy.
Fluffyone is knitted with alpaca 96% and 4% Nylon. Yarn is produced in Norway. Hair loop is polyester/elastane.

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Big scrunchie circa 12 cm 
Little scrunchie circa 10 cm