Elona Knitted Wool Collar

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Elona Knitted Wool Collar is a stylish collar for a child. The hand-knitted collar stays on the go with its binding straps and the high-quality merino wool feels soft against the little ones skin. The collar can be used both ways: bow, front or back. With the help of the collar, you can easily get a different look for the outfit than the outfit. Even pair with a dress or collared shirt.

Elona Knitted Wool Collar is knitted by hand from mulesing free merino wool obtained from a small farm in Germany. The knitted collar's nuanced, down-to-earth color range is suitable for many styles. If you wish, you can combine the Elona Knitted Wool Collar with our bonnets or Vuono-beanie. The minimalist knitting pattern of the collar consists of a varying knitting pattern.

The Elona Knitted Wool Collar is a 100% untreated merino wool that has been hand-dyed in Sweden with natural mineral dyes and vinegar to keep the chemical load against the child's skin to a minimum.

Onesize has a long service life and is suitable from 1 year to 5 years.

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