About us


Believe it or not – three years ago I couldn’t knit at all. However I found myself browsing the internet for knitting instructions of lovely bonnets. It was the very first time I tried to knit since elementary school. I learned to knit by my lovely friends from social media, Youtube and relatives: I knitted every night after I put my first born to sleep. When the first bonnet was ready, I was instantly hooked on knitting! At first I made only accessories, and little by little I moved on to bigger projects like sweaters.

My very first Taimi-bonnet, designed by me, got started by accident. I had some excess yarn from self-made blanket for my first born baby. This fall 2020 after a series of events and developing I decided to found my company, Silmu Knitting. I’m looking forward to offer you knitting workshops, DIY-kits and high quality knitwear!

Welcome aboard to follow our journey from the beginning.

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I’m Mirella, 27 years old mother of two sons from Vantaa, Finland. I love everything beautiful, simple, long-lasting and useful. Gardening and furnishing are great passions of mine and my company also does visual designing.

I have completed the vocational education of financial management. At this moment I’m studying visual designing in Helsinki. Entrepreneuring is all new and exciting to me. I’ve learned everything about entrepreneuring by myself. It has been delightful to fulfill my dreams and use my creativity. I love to work with people and therefore I’m excited about the new workshops!


Important values of my company are long-lasting and natural, genuine materials. 
Products are shipped in bags made of recycled materials. Bag is reusable! The products are wrapped in silk paper, which is also reusable for crafting.

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