Fluffwear Hand Dyed Merino Yarn

Fluffwear Hand Dyed Merino Yarn came as a result of long-term research. Hand-dyed merino yarn is 100% in line with our values ​​and is sustainably produced in Europe. The yarn selection also includes colors designed specifically for Silmu Knitting.

Fluffwear Hand Dyed Merino Yarn is uniquely soft and woven. The feel of untreated merino wool is different compared to superwash-treated wool, which makes good knitwear especially emphasized. Lovely, soft-feeling merino wool literally flies on needles!

Small producer of merino wool

Silmu Knitting favors small entrepreneurs in its business and supports craftsmanship. Fluffwear Hand Dyed Merino Yarn is obtained from a small German spinning mill where mulesing-free merino wool wool is made into yarn. Small batches of Merino yarn production in Europe ensure high quality and ethical production, such as a responsible work atmosphere.

Fluffwear Hand Dyed Merino Yarn is unprocessed merino wool. This means that wool is not exposed to harsh chemical processes or synthetic fiber coatings. For example, merino wool sold under the brand name superwash is either chemically smoother or coated with a thin layer of plastic. When merino yarn is left untreated except for carding and spinning, wool retains its excellent properties better.

Untreated merino wool yarn is uniquely airy, warm and non-itchy. Merino yarn also retains its heat absorption capacity when wet and feels comfortable against the skin, even when wet, it almost feels dry. Because of these properties that Silmu Knitting children's clothing is made of Fluffwear Hand Dyed Merino Yarn.

Hand dyed with minerals

The nuanced, untreated and undyed merino yarn leaves from Germany onwards to Sweden. There, Silmu Knitting's partner, a skilled small business owner, dyes merino yarn by hand. Hand-dyed merino yarn gets its shade from natural mineral colors. The mineral dye is attached to the wire with vinegar, thus avoiding a heavy, chemical process and possible chemical residues.

The ecological dyeing process is as gentle as possible not only for nature and the dye itself, but also for the skin of the knit wearer. he hand-dyed yarn does not leave any chemical residues that could later cause hypersensitivity. Especially in baby knitwear, this aspect is important to consider.

The hand-dyed merino yarn is very beautiful and personal in color. Silmu Knitting's selection includes gentle pastel shades, natural beige and a few wonderful, variegated yarn delicacies. Cooperation with the dye enables great yarn innovations designed just for us.

The whole process of Fluffwear Hand Dyed Merino Yarn from yarn spinning to hand dyeing is within Europe. In Vantaa, Finland, these responsible natural materials create beautiful children's clothing and accessories, which you can find at this link. You can buy organic, hand-dyed merino yarns here. Just choose your color - or more!