Silmu Knitwear knitwear for baby and child is a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Scandinavian, timeless and delicate design takes time and brings style to the country. At the heart of Silmu Knitwear are ecological natural materials and a responsible, European production process. Read more below!

The yarn for baby and child knitwear comes from Germany

Silmu Knitting favors small entrepreneurs in its business and supports craftsmanship. The high-quality yarn used in baby and child knits is obtained from a small German spinning mill, where mulesing-free merino sheep wool is made into yarn. The yarn of the knitwear is made in small batches, which makes quality control easy. In a small spinning mill in Europe, ethical working conditions are a matter of course.

Silmu Knitwear knitwear is made of untreated merino wool. This means that wool is not exposed to harsh chemical processes or synthetics fiber coatings. For example, we do not use superwash merino wool that is coated with plastic or treated smoother with chemicals. Untreated merino wool retains its excellent properties better.

Untreated merino wool yarn is uniquely airy, warm and non-itchy. The wool yarn used in Silmu Knitwear also retains its heat absorption capacity when wet and feels comfortable, even dry, even when wet. It is precisely because of these features that Silmu Knitwear sweaters are so well suited for babies and children.

Ecological hand dyeing reduces the chemical load

Untreated, natural-colored merino yarn leaves Germany onwards for Sweden. There, Silmu Knitting's partner, a small entrepreneur himself, dyes merino yarn by hand. Hand-dyed merino yarn gets its shade from natural mineral colors. The mineral dye is attached to the yarn with vinegar, thus avoiding a heavy, chemical process and possible chemical residues.

The ecological dyeing process does not strain nature or the health of the dye, which means that the yarn production is on a sustainable basis. There are no chemical residues left in the hand-dyed yarn that could later cause hypersensitivity on the child's skin. The gentle and as natural as possible processing process of the yarn ensures that the knit feels comfortable on the baby's and child's skin and is safe to use.

The hand-dyed merino yarn is very beautiful and personal in color. Silmu Knitting's selection includes gentle pastel shades, natural beige and a few wonderful, variegated yarn delicacies. Close cooperation with the dye enables great yarn innovations designed just for us.

The entire production process for Silmu Knitwear, from yarn spinning to hand dyeing, is within Europe. In Vantaa, Finland, these responsible natural materials create beautiful children's clothing and accessories, which you can find at this link.

Do you prefer to do it yourself? You can buy organic, hand-dyed merino yarns from this link.

Want to try knitting? Buy knitting instructions for our patterns from this link and put the needles on the wand.

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