Knitting Patterns

Want to learn to knit? You are in the right place! Silmu Knitting instructions are suitable for both beginners and experienced swingers of needles.

The Knitting Knitting Instructions are clearly written and each technique is opened in detail. With the help of the instructions, you will learn how to create loops, knit elastic knit, showy brioche or patent knit and infer work flexibly and sustainably. The knitting instructions diykits for baby and child also include high-quality instructional videos from which the technique used is easy to learn. The demanding instructions, on the other hand, provide instructions on how to find the different implementations of the technology in the search engine and how to choose the best way to act for yourself.

Why buy a knitting pattern?

The Silmu Knitting instructions have been developed with the need for baby and child movement in mind, and the finished patterns have been tested in practice at different times of the year and in different conditions. The knitting instructions give space to the child's movements and their design lasts - even until the next child, as long as high-quality wool is chosen as the yarn. (Psst. Buy hand-dyed merino yarn from this link!)

By following the knitting instructions, the work is always successful, and the need for disassembly is prevented by high-quality instructional videos (diykits) and clear, written instructions on various techniques. We at Silmu Knitting have also been beginners, so we know how clearly instructions need to be drawn up to make them fun to make. We want knitting to be a nice hobby - no tooth (or thread) tightening!

Beginner, choose a knitting pattern from these!

Easy to knit for baby or child will be completed quickly. However, you should only knit one that really comes into use and is a joy for a long time to come. Easy knitting instructions for a beginner include a Taimi Knitted Merino Bonnet hat and a Uurre Knitted Wool Beanie hat for a child. Beanies and bonnets are cute and practical and best of all: when you know how to knit one, you know how to make another even faster!

Buy the Taimi Knitted Merino Bonnet knitting pattern from this link.

Buy the Uurre Knitted Wool Beanie pattern from this link.

Experienced (or experimental) needles, knock these!

Once you’ve gained knitting experience with a pair of socks or a few hats, it’s time to raise your stakes. Knitting instructions for demanding tastes contain new techniques and a few moments are already rolling with them. The Aava Knitted Brioche Sweater dresses the child warmly for the winter and the fun puff sleeves are quick to knit. The Terhen Knitted Dress, on the other hand, is a true masterpiece knitted from luxurious and lightweight mohair yarn. This knitting pattern also guides you to flexible reasoning, which finishes the job beautifully.

Pattern already in mind, but the thread is missing? Buy hand-dyed merino yarn from this link!

Do you prefer a finished product? See ready-made, hand-knitted children's clothing at this link.