Hair accessories

Hand-knitted hair scrunchies conquer! A cute knitted scrunchie brightens up a bad hair day and brings a tone to any outfit. There are two different sizes to suit both an adult and a child - do you mix together or do the flavors go different paths?

The knitted scrunchie is available in several different colors and two luxurious materials. For hand-knitted hair donuts, choose either a matte and fluffy alpaca yarn or a shiny mohair silk blend. The natural material is soft against the hair, thus saving them from wear and tear. The small scrunchie is suitable for thin hair or a child and the large hair donut holds medium-thick hair firmly.

Try knitted hair donuts around a neat braid, for example, wrap your hair in a loop or lift all the splendor on your head. The hand-knitted scrunchie also looks great on a ponytail tied down to the neck - simple but functional!

Pick up styling ideas here:

The high ponytail makes a look

The easiest way to get the high bollard securely fastened is to point the main law towards the floor. Brush your hair head down carefully and grasp the hair firmly with another fist. At this point, it is a good idea to set the high ponytail too far forward, as it always swings slightly when the head is raised to the normal position.

Tip! Attach the knitted hair donut to the whole while the head is still facing down. This way, the hair gets tighter and the scrunchie stays on the head better. If your hair is very thick, you can attach a hair-colored rubber thread ponytail to them first and place the knitted scrunches on top of this ponytail only. This way, even thick hair stays up easily.

Minimalist chic neck ponytail

The eye-catching knitted hair donut is perfect for minimalist and stylish hairstyles, such as a neck ponytail. You get a beautiful neck ponytail when you curl your hair in large sections before putting the scrunchie on. The salt spray helps to get a relaxed finish, while the hair oil smoothes and polishes the curls. Attach the knitted hair donut to the neck and tighten the scrunchie by pulling the hair in two different directions at the same time.

Tip! Finish your chic hairstyle by dropping a pair of hair tress flowing faces to frame.

Impressive knitted hair decoration for a bun

The funniest way to use a knitted scrunchie is to add it around the knot. The end result is not only good looking, but also extra grip. First, attach the hair to a tight ponytail with a hair-colored hair loop. Next wrap the pony tail around herself, at which point it also begins to wrap around the hair loop. Attach the resulting bump with a few pins.

Spread the knitted hair donut and place it at the root of the finished bun. A fun look from that profile is ready!

Tip! Apply the hairspray to the hair before putting on the hand-knitted hair donut. In this way, the hair decoration made of natural material remains preferred in use.

Do you want to knit a hair donut yourself? Buy Hand-dyed, mulesing-free merino yarn from this link.