The woolen, knitted collar is a wonderful accessory for a child: easy to put on, warm and durable! In the Silmu Knitting selection, you will also find hand-knitted tube scarves that stay with you even on the toughest going. Designed and hand-knitted in Finland, the collar is above all practical: the soft merino wool yarn is comfortable against the child's skin and does not sweat when wet.

Silmu Knitting collars for children are a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Scandinavian, timeless and delicate design takes time and brings style to the country. At the heart of Silmu Knitting are ecological natural materials and a responsible, European production process.

Silmu Knitting collars are based on practical design and the need of knit warm collars to my childrens. This has resulted in a knitting pattern that the child is happy to wear and that also lasts in use even until the next child. The multi-purpose collar acts as a light extra heat with the spring as well, hides in the wings of the winter coverall and protects the neck from the cold or put on the combs on the autumn edge together with the overalls. The collar's elastic knit gives space for the child's movements and, thanks to its shape, it stays with you easily.

Utu Knitted Wool Scarf, on the other hand, is a stylish tube scarf for a child. The hand-knitted scarf stays on the go thanks to its tube-like shape, and the high-quality Alpaca wool ensures that the scarf warms up even when wet. The soft tube scarf is non-itchy and non-abrasive against a child's sensitive skin.

The collar, which is hand-knitted in Vantaa, is made of fluffy merino wool, which only improves with use. The knit surface of the collar is timeless and has a minimalist feel. The high-quality wool yarn of the hand-knitted collar only improves in use and retains its heat even when wet.

The merino wool yarn for a child’s collar is made on a small family-owned farm in Germany. The yarn used for the collars and scarves is  mulesing-free merino wool.

Style the collar! The Uurre-beanie and Vuono-beanie is knitted from the same yarn as the collar and tube scarf. This allows you to conveniently grab like-minded accessories in one go. 

Do you prefer to do it yourself? You can buy organic, hand-dyed merino yarns from this link.

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