Beanie - that's what everyone needs. At least here in Finland. For us, a beanie is not just a choice of style, but a necessity for several months of the year. That’s why we really know what a beanie should be like!

Silmu Knitting beanies are designed to be stylish, but with materials and usability above. The stunningly well-designed, beautiful and warm knitted Beanie pattern is just as suitable for a small stylist as it is for an older one. Thanks to the warmth of the beanie, a cold day at the edge of the playground is no longer quite so unbearable.

The Silmu’s hand-knitted chunky beanies for baby and child are a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Scandinavian, timeless and delicate design takes time and brings style to the country. At the heart of the design are ecological natural materials and a responsible, European production process. We prefer small farms and entrepreneurs when choosing wire material because we want to support independent players in the global world.

The alpaca yarn for the hats is made on a small family-owned farm in Italy. The yarn of the beanie is 68% alpaca and 10% mulesing-free merino wool reinforced with 22% polyamide. Polyamide ensures that a hand-knitted beanie stays good for as long as possible and also lasts for the next child, or stays used by an adult for years. Unheated and uncharted yarn makes the beanie comfortable to wear.

The beanie is a wonderfully soft accessory for a child and an adult. The hand-knitted beanie in Vantaa is made of fluffy chunky alpaca wool, which only gets better with use. The knit in the groove beanie is a thick combination of patent and elastic knit that makes the beanie timeless. The high-quality wool yarn of a hand-knitted beanie only improves in use and retains its heat even when wet. The knitted Beanie is designed for the needs of small and lively children, for whom we have plenty of experience in the close circle!

Style a trendy chunky beanie with a knitted scarf or collar! The collars and scarves in our range are knitted with the same, warm alpaca or merino yarn.

More style? See the handmade Silmu Knitting collection from this link.

Do you want to make Uurre beanies yourself? Now it is possible! Buy the Uurre DIY Kit, which includes both instruction and threads. If there is enough yarn in the yarn, you can buy just a knitting pattern from this link.

Can you find the beanie help already, but the thread is missing? You can buy organic, hand-dyed merino yarns from this link.